About us

BEPCO has been established in producing paints and adhesive, since 2009. BEPCO group organization is divided to decorative interior paints, high strength exterior paints, texture coatings and epoxy adhesive. This company possess high equipped laboratory besides experienced workers for research & development and quality control which is resulted in high qualified products. BEPCO possess many certifications in building and thermal insulation coatings from BHRC and Oil companies. The PVA paints of BEPCO is under NACY standard with the number of 289


The main feature of BEPCO is based on two parameters: The first is producing of high quality products and the second is continuity of the quality. Hence, the quality control and tests of raw materials and final products are very important for us. The laboratory of BEPCO includes modern and callibrated instruments, besides experimented manager and staffs. The present issue is very helpful in producing high quality products. The instrument and tests of BEPCO laboratory is classified into: pH meter, grindometer, criptometer, gloss test, reflectometer, washing machine, cross-cut, krebs viscometer, density cup and impact test. 

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